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All Safely under Control:

In automated production there is an enormous range of possible applications for the systems BK Mikro.

Widespread use: Our tool monitoring systems provide for a higher degree of safety and reliability in automated production processes in over 90,000 installations worldwide.

Universal Multi-Talent: BK Mikro excels by its versatility, making it applicable for a wide range of uses. BK Mikro offers the perfect solution for all production processes.

Functional Safety: The system has stood the test in rough fields of application and adverse ambient conditions. Wherever highest precision is required it fulfils its task with robust care.


Tool Monitoring

  • Stationary and rotating tools
  • Single spindle / double spindles
  • Breakage detection
  • Radial scanning on spiral coil / cutting edge

Object Inspection

  • Feeding, ejection and free-space inspection
  • Correct tool storage in magazine
  • Measuring of length resp. diameter
  • Radial or linear scanning

Position Recognition

  • Detection of deviations
  • Monitoring of tolerances
  • Inspection of material thickness
  • Radial or linear scanning

Measuring of Hidden Geometries

  • Borings / cavities
  • Testing functions in narrow process areas
  • Application-specific wand variants
  • Linear scanning

Testing of Contours / Profiles

  • Checking contours for defects
  • Registration of irregularities
  • Monitoring of material feeding
  • Radial or linear scanning