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Mechanical Dimensions (mm)

BK Mikro93 Basic

  • Mini-USB for PC-connection
  • 3 digital control inputs (positive or negative logic): start and teach signal as well as configurable channel
  • 2 relay outputs (as N/C or N/O contact) with “OK” and “KO” signal
  • Pluggable supply voltage and scanner connection
  • Opening for top hat rail plug for optional connection of I/0 extension module (in case of more than one tool monitoring)
  • 4 LEDs for current status display

Technical Data



Insulation material, protection class II, built-in type

Protection class


Dimensions (W x H x D)

22,6 mm x 99 mm x 113,6 mm

Mounting of housing

Profile rail 35 mm acc. DIN EN 50022

Supply voltage

24 V DC ±20% PELV, Imax = 0,4 A

Power consumption

max. 10 VA

Control voltage

24 V DC ±20% PELV


Galvanically isolated
Input current ca. 5 mA
Pulse duration 30 ms min.

Switch outputs

2 x relay 30 V DC, 2 A max. 10switching cycles min.


Pluggable screw terminals for voltage supply, relay outputs, control inputs
Circular connector, 8 pin (scanner connection)
- Mini-USB

Climate conditions

Acc. class 3K3 acc. EN 50178

Ambient temperature

0 °C bis +50 °C

Storage temperature

-20 °C bis +80 °C