• The Scanners: Proven under Extreme Conditions

    Designed for toughest applications, equipped with strong scanner shaft and due to double-lipped special seals (as in pumps) impervious to aggressive cooling agents, dust and chips.


    TK96 is the ideal solution for applications in smallest process zones with highest system availability and a sturdy environment. more


    TK7 is established in the price sensitive segment and is particularly suitable for fast and simple monitoring tasks. more


    The TK94 components are ideal for monitoring applications which require particularly robust scanners for extremely short scanning cycles. more


    TK8 is particularly suitable for precise scanning results with relatively short scanning cycles and a larger distance to the object. more


    TK91 is ideally suited for scanning long tools and detecting smallest deviations.  more


    With its superb repeat accuracy TK9LIN can be recommended for all uses where high-precision measurements (e.g. of tolerances or depths) are required. more

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